Quick Ship

Our manufacturers are concerned with meeting the delivery requirements of your projects.  When you need product quickly, check out what we have to offer.

The following is a listing of the programs.  For specific product, check with our office for availability.

Atlantic Lighting

Ships many LED, Compact Fluorescent, HID, Recessed Downlights in 1-3 days.

More Info: www.atlantic-lighting.com

Finelite Lighting

Finelite can ship within 10 working days on standard material, and 20 working days on standard 347 volt material.

More Info: www.finelite.com

Focal Point Lighting

Look for the Quickship Logo indicating products that are avaliable via quickship (5-10 days). 

More Info: http://www.focalpointlights.com/luminaires/Quickship.html

Gammalux Lighting Systems

"A commitment to ship any of a select variety of luminaires within 10 working days, when rapid shipment is critical"

Select Ellipsoid, Ovalux, Round, Square, Rectangular, Softglow and Veelux Series fixtures.

More Info: http://exp.gammalux.com/

Kenall Lighting

Millenium, STRETCH, Lightmate, Herculux, Nova, Sentinall, Trailmate, Stratalume, Sheriff, Ranger,

Kenall’s most popular products shipped in 24 hours. Lamps included

Download Quick Ship Catalogue: http://www.kenall.com/Kenall-Files/Product-Files/Literature/Kenall_Express2012.pdf

More Info: http://www.kenall.com/Products.aspx?cid=57

Kirlin Lighting

Fixtures Shipped Within 5 Business Days. In by 9 am on Day 1 - Shipped by 5pm on Day 5.

Triple Tube Downlights: #FRR06014, #FRR07005, #FRR07018, #FRR07037

Incandescent Downlights: #RR20601, #RR20615

Quick Ship Brochure: 2013 Express Program Brochure – Ship Complete within 72 hours

More Info: www.kirlinlighting.com

Pioneer Lighting Canadian Manufacturer

Traditional & contemporary fluorescent fixtures in stock.

More Info: www.pioneerlighting.com

VistaPro Lighting

Ships in 10 days or less.

Quick Ship Brochure:  Quick Ship Light Brochure

More Info: http://www.luminis.com/qsl/index.php

*** Shipping times listed do not include transit time. ***

For pricing and fixture availability, please contact our Quotations Department (905) 848-2255.